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Many people are under the impression that social media marketing is sufficient to fetch business online. However, the truth is even today email marketing has a crucial role in generating leads and making the customer database strong.
Email-marketing is not just about broadcasting your latest blog posts or sales pitches but hitting the Right audience with the right message at the right time.

Bulk Email Marketing Services WHY YOU NEED E-MAIL MARKETING?

Wider Reach

It has been estimated by Radicati that total number of worldwide Email Accounts would cross 4.9 billion by 2017. Email is the currency of web which is required for everyone who is online and thus there could be nothing better than email marketing to connect with maximum prospects and customers.

Proven Marketing

90% of email lands into desired recipient's inbox. On the other hand, hardly 2% of your Facebook fans would be able to see your posts as Facebook limits the number of times your posts appear. Furthermore, Email subscribers have already shown their interest in hearing from you unlike Facebook news feed where companies market without our permission.

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Higher ROI

With higher rate of conversions, it becomes obvious that email is a perfect channel to increase ROI. But the main reason why email marketing outperforms other channels when it comes to ROI is its cost effective nature. It delivers highly personalized and relevant messages and hence increases the ROI of email marketing campaigns. Improve Your Online Presence Through Various Online Marketing Platform We Can Also Delivered SEO Services, SMO Services, Facebook Marketing and More Online Marketing Services

Drives Conversion

Ultimately it is about how many paying customers turned into paying customers in any marketing strategy. And when it comes to conversions, there could be nothing better than email marketing. As per the survey conducted, 4.24% visitors buy something from email marketing while it is 2.49% for search visitors and 0.59% for social media visitors.

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