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Facebook Apps, the most effective way of full marketing, allowing deep engagement with customers, integrating your business and brand right into the core of Facebook. From games and competitions to more functional services and tools, we create custom Facebook apps to meet your campaign requirements, which means that there's no limit to the functionality you can have.

Facebook apps helps businesses in showcasing their products or services. By releasing company or brand information, users learn more about business. In some instances apps are used to gain followers quickly and for a short time. They are generally used as a promotional push for deadline driven campaigns like events or competitions. These apps also encourage users to keep returning, making long-term relationship with users hence improving brand loyalty. For example user can regularly update games and apps.

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Technologies that we use for Facebook App Development
  • Facebook API
  • FBML, FQL, FBJS, Open Graph
  • .Net, PHP, Javascript
  • SQL Server