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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to download the software?
No download required, Ezeebiz is a hosted solution, which means all the data is held online.

You do not have to manage IT infrastructure or development – use the solution & pay a simple monthly fee for usage. We work on a software distribution model(Saas) in which our application is hosted over the Internet.

Benefits of the SaaS model include:

  • • Easier Administration.
  • • Automatic updates and patch management.
  • • compatibility: All users will have the same version of software.
  • • easier collaboration.
  • • Global Accessibility.

Do I need to pay separately for hosting and domain name?
No, you don't have to pay anything extra. Our monthly pack is inclusive of hosting and domain name charges.
I am not good in setting up the shop. Do you help in setting up the shop?
Yes, we can set up your shop for you and make it more search engine friendly. Our sales rep should be able to give more information on it.
How do I get my orders?
You will receive notification of your orders in your admin panel and email and we have a very detailed customers and orders section once logged in, which keeps a log of your orders and their order status.
What if I accidently lose my orders?
Not a problem, our servers are backed up daily, and our support team will guide you through any problem you may have.
I have an eBay/Amazon shop already?
Not a problem we provide integration with eBay/Amazon and you can import/export your data between Ezeebiz and eBay/Amazon depending on your package.
I have no knowledge of how online business works? Do you provide support in maximizing the orders?
Yes, we have extensive experience in running online businesses and we can certainly help you with the entire to-do list for you to start getting order.
I am not too sure which package is right for me?

Not a problem please contact one of our business developers, who can assist you on best suitable package for your business.

What if I am not happy with Ezeebiz?

This is impossible however if you are not satisfied for whatever reason, we have 30 days money back guarantee policy.

Is Ezeebiz like magento, joomla etc?

No, our software has been rated as the most advanced, future proof software in the market, this is our in house production and we don't use any third party software.

Why should I use Ezeebiz?

Simple, we are the market leaders and if you expect the same for your own business then Ezeebiz should be your choice.

How can I book the domain name? What if I already have a domain name?

You can mention the desired domain name for your online store in the account sign-up form. Our team will check the availability or advice on the appropriate domain name that matches your nature of online store in tandem with your brand name

If you already own a domain name, you have 2 options to use the same to run your online store on our platform. We prefer you to transfer your domain from an existing service provider to us while availing AUTH CODE from the domain registrar. Or we will furnish the details of DNS or A records to be updated at your end which will redirect the domain to your online store residing on our platform.

Is there anything I can't sell on Ezeebiz?

You can't sell Drugs, Fire arms, Pornography or any other x-rated items and services in your storefront. You cannot sell any legally prohibited items on your Storefront. If in case Superior IT Services finds any such item listed we will be forced to delete them. We will also be forced to shut down your storefront.

Who will ship the products?

We have a tie-up with Fedex, eKart and DTDC you can ship your products through them or you can choose your own logistic partner and we can help your integrate with them.

Where is your server located? What is the uptime?

Our medium to top range packages run on high-end servers which are based in UK. We also check your location and for example if you are based in Australia we will probably host your system on Australian server because it plays an important part in SEO.

I am neither a web designer nor a tech savvy retailer, how can I manage Ezeebiz on my own?

No. Ecommerce software is very easy to use. The system does not require you to understand website code, and allows you to set up and manage your ecommerce site through a simple control panel.

How will I be notified about new features and upgrades of Ezeebiz?

We keep coming up with new upgrades of our software. Depending on your package we will give these upgrades to you at no additional cost. These upgrades would be sent to you on your email id.

What are the various payment options through which I can accept payments?

With our strategic partners, we made it easy and simple to opt for suitable options ranging from payment gateway (Internet Merchant Account), Cash-On-Delivery, Order Online: Pick-up at Store, etc. Any standard payment gateway offers the flexibility to accept payments from credit cards, debit cards, internet banking and any other options that are prevailing in market at present.

What if I have multiple stores, do I need to pay and manage them separately?

You can open and manage multiple stores on Ezeebiz with an ease from single control panel. You will be charged as per each store and our Titanium versions has provision for multiple stores. You can manage your products, catalogues, orders and customers from one single login.

Can people buy my products from all over the world?

Yes, your website will be visible to the whole world. People can view and buy products from your online store. We will enable multi currency transaction in your store and integrate with logistic partners so that you can receive payment from anywhere in the world and can deliver your products at the same time.