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Apart from the design and marketing of the website, there are various other services that a company requires in order to take on the market as well as the rivals. It is always beneficial to be one step further than your competitors and get that extra edge. There are several ways to engage your consumers and give them an amazing user experience in more ways than one. When others are only dependent on their websites and its marketing you can few steps further with us to engage your clients by offering them experiences like 3D games, micro-sites and banners. These services do not work as standalone marketing strategies, but when used for supporting your website and your optimisation strategies, work wonders. The customers are provided with numerous ways to know about your business and engage with it.

  • Each of these additional services has the sole motive to promote your business.
  • These services will keep your consumers at the heart of events and provide them with enhanced user experience.


Some of the services offered by Superior IT Services to promote your business in all fronts and target more and more consumers are:


A Microsite is a separately promoted part of a larger website to direct sales proposition. It is a webpage or website designed to meet any goal i.e. providing information, creating sales, promotions, market testing, advertising events and other online promotions. It resides on the same Web server and reflects the branding and the associated visual design of the larger site.

Our professional team of web designers offers you bespoke site designs economically and quickly. Our team works closely with the client to ensure that they meet their specific business needs. Developing a fully keyword enriched site making it search engine friendly.

Microsites can be used to get valuable marketing information, receiving instant feed with an order forms, diplaying your products/services and also helps in cutting down on a web maintenance cost.


Banners are the face of the website. It is the most important part of the website. Don't just trust anyone to design your banners. If a banner is not designed well, it ends up costing you lot as you will not get clicks on it. Our team of designers have a wealth of knowledge and experience in banner ad design, you can rest assured we will deliver banners that will stand out from the competition and increase click-throughs.

Each and every banners designed by our experts are different from each other. They stand out from the rest on the web. You can browse through our profile to see yourself or you may contact us if you have any questions on the same.


You can have a customised game developed that emulates your business and raise the brand awareness. Superior IT Services have an excellent team of developers that can develop games for all popular platforms.


Development in 3D may involve architectural rendering, 3D games, stills and graphics for the promotion of the business. The outstanding 3D services by Superior IT services will help your business get attractive and draw a number of prospective clients.